Some articles are published here, some on other websites. Keep in mind that I'm not an instructor, just an ordinary guy with lots of instruction and training experience.

On Getting Pulled Over At Night While Very Armeds arrow_forward

I hope that if you ever get pulled over at night while armed that you consider making similar good choices.

Your Weapons' Status arrow_forward

I present a simple system for more safely keeping your guns.

Your EDC Belt arrow_forward

On what makes for a proper everyday-carry belt, and what does not.

Organization Options For Your EDC Kit arrow_forward

Some efficient & comfortable ways to carry what we carry.

Glock Redux arrow_forward

A fun and interesting project wherein I redesign Glock's logo.

Shooting With Both Eyes Open arrow_forward

A simple plan for how to develop this skill immediately.

Your First Time at the Gun Range arrow_forward

What to expect and how to conduct yourself for a fun & safe experience.

When You Get to Cover, You're Still in a Fight! arrow_forward

Some alternate throughts on using cover.

You Should Develop Your Support-Hand Skills arrow_forward

Advice on why and how to begin and continue this vital training.

Defensive Targets for Armed Defenders arrow_forward

The few, small areas that constitute viable anatomical targets for defensive shooting.

My New-Glock Modification Process – G48 Edition arrow_forward

A look at the way I modify all of my Glock pistols.

Guns and the Magic of Leftist Law arrow_forward

An examination of the leftists' cynical and deluded approach to law.

Guns are No Threat to the Body Politic arrow_forward

A retort to a particularly misleading article in a major publication.

The Ordinary Citizen Manifesto arrow_forward

My advice on a responsible "ordinary" life.

Capitalism and Its Antithesis arrow_forward

An examination of the basis of morality, and how to recognize its opposite.

Firearms Training Is Not Cultural Appropriation arrow_forward

A response to a particularly despicable idea prevalent in martial culture.

First-Shots Review: The M&P 9 Shield EZ arrow_forward

A first-shots review of my experience with this M&P pistol.

First-Shots Review: The Kel-Tec SUB2000 arrow_forward

My first take on this interesting, packable survival carbine.

First-Shots Review: The Kel-Tec KS7 Shotgun arrow_forward

My take on this minimalist bullpup shotgun.

My Glock 44 – After 1200 Rounds arrow_forward

My impressions after training for a few weeks with this lightweight .22cal.

Review: The Glock 48 arrow_forward

First impressions through my Glock goggles.

Review: The Sig Sauer P365, P365 XL, and P365 SAS arrow_forward

First impressions and contrasts of these three similar models.

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