Pistol Build

As a .30cal guy, I've long wanted a .308 SBR.

After collecting components for a while, I noticed I had just about everything needed to make a cool .308 pistol. So that's what I did this month.

December 2019

Pistol Build: Spikes Tactical .308 Shorty Pistol

I've been reading recently about some shorty .308s and how with a 12.5" barrel some were getting good muzzle velocity. As a longtime .30-cal guy and a lover of short-barrel guns, I decided to try my hand and see what I could come up with. I'm pretty happy with this build, but as you see it was not without some shortcomings!


Spikes Tactical matched set


CMMG 12.5" barrel

Muzzle Device

Phase 5 Hexbrake FATman

Pistol Brace

SB Tactical SBA3

Bolt Carrier

KAK Industry LR-308 w/Double Ejector Bolt

Trigger Group

CMC 3.5 lb traditional


Aero Precision Atlas 12"


Magpul Poly BUS :(

shorty .308 pistol
shorty .308 pistol
shorty .308 pistol

Mostly I'm totally enamored of this build, as the components are top-notch and after having function and pressure tested the build, it rocks. That is to say, it meets my standards. Good stuff. However…

So what went wrong?

I love the Aero Precision Atlas rail and find its locking mechanism to be nice...except for the fact that once I put it on for a test fit, I could not get one of the locking lugs out.

The result is that I have a build that lacks a dust cover as I cannot remove the Atlas rail to install the dust cover components. What's more, I cannot adjust the gas block because the rail openings are not advantageously placed for the side-adjustment screw. Awesome. :-| Luckily, the gas is well adjusted as is. But, you know, things change.

I'll eventually take this otherwise excellent build to a more equipped armorer to knock off the rail so that I can install the dust cover. But for now, I'm very happy with the performance of this build. It is CQB zeroed and I look forward to getting it actually zeroed and putting it on a chrono for walking it out to whatever distance it'll be good for.

Oh, and as I didn't have an M-LOK QD sling attachment, I had to improvise with my sling setup. The front is driven with some paracord. It works; for now, but by the time you read this, I'll have a proper QD rail attachment.

shorty .308 pistol
shorty .308 pistol
shorty .308 pistol
shorty .308 pistol


A red dot is sufficient for most short-barreled guns, but since this is a .308 I added a Vortex 3X magnifier for those shots that this gun should be able to make without hesitation. We'll see; I may want to put a LPV optic on this puppy. Only training can say! I'll do lots of that.

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